and highly xperienced

We are a team of integrated communication professionals specialized in technical publishing, multimedia, organization of events and training courses.

Our skills and our deep awareness of the sectors in which we operate enable us to provide tailor-made services, created through pathways that need not be conventional and that can achieve our goals immediately and effectively.

After introducing the a&s brand into Italy and garnering a decade of success with the a&s Italy magazine, the time was ripe for Ethos Media Group to strengthen its leadership and enhance its secsolution proprietary brand, which was already widely acclaimed with a consolidated position obtained through the online magazine and the Secsolution Forum event. The next step was to extend the brand to a proprietary printed publication: secsolution magazine.

Ethos Media Group has four operational divisions:

Ethos Media Group srl
Via Venini, 37 - 20127 Milan (Italy)
Tel. +39 051 0475136 - Fax +39 039 3305841
VAT IT06763740963 - Fully Paid-up Corporate Capital € 110.000,00